About me


My name is Nancy Tran and I am a food blogger, who’s passionate about cooking. I blog about home cooked meals whether they are healthy or self-indulgent I always use everyday ingredients. 



A little bit about myself:

I work as a full-time Accountant and I recently moved to downtown Toronto. Additionally, being on my own and living in the city, saving is a major concern for me.

Therefore, I’ve decided to learn how to cook and I love to try out new recipes. I would love to share my experiences about this journey and therefore I’m launching my blog today. (November 12, 2016)  My blog has solely the purpose of sharing my love for food as a foodie. Hopefully, I’ll have some helpful tips for you guys and be able to assist you in the sometimes stressful process of grocery shopping. I look forward to posting amazing tips, reviews, recipes & cooking tricks!

Favourite Quote: “Happiness is Homemade”